Monday, April 30, 2018

Cedar Mountain Farm

         Each member of the North Idaho Bed and Breakfast Association has something unique to share with you, and Cedar Mountain Farm is no exception. Cedar Mountain Farm Bed and Breakfast is not just a name. Visit Cedar Mountain and you’ll find dozens of adorable farm animals, friendly innkeepers, and a rustic experience like no other!
          Cedar Mountain Farm is located in Athol, just east of the legendary Silverwood Theme Park. The owners, Daryl and Al Kyle, settled on the property in 1974, and built the bed and breakfast from scratch, using logs harvested from the property to build many of the structures that still stand today!
          What can you expect from a stay at Cedar Mountain? Delicious food, cozy and rustic rooms, and good fun! Breakfast is home-made from scratch, using Daryl’s famous recipes that she has perfected over the years. Breakfast includes fresh fruit, and when available, eggs from the chickens that call Cedar Mountain Farm home! The rooms are cozy and comfortable, with a rustic d├ęcor that will whisk you into a different world.
          Perhaps the most interesting part of Cedar Mountain is the atmosphere. Cedar Mountain Farm Bed and Breakfast hasn’t lost touch with the farming roots that it grew from. Goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, cats, and many more call Cedar Mountain home. The animals are excited to see you come and enjoy yourself at Cedar Mountain. If you looking for a place to stay with the family near Silverwood, or looking to get away from the hectic life of the big city, Cedar Mountain Farm would love to have you!

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